Unlawful Discrimination
Employees are protected from any act of discrimination which is attributable to the following ‘protected characteristics :

Gender (including gender reassignment)
Religious and Philosophical Belief
Sexual Orientation

The protection extends from job advertisements and recruitment ,  through to terms and conditions of employment, employment practices and continues to include post termination obligations such as references.   The protection also includes harassment on the grounds of one of the protected characteristics.

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Bullying at work, Dismissal, Redundancy, unfair treatment

Discrimination at work 

The law protects you against discrimination at work, including:
  • dismissal
  • employment terms and conditions
  • pay and benefits
  • promotion and transfer opportunities
  • training
  • recruitment
  • redundancy

Some forms of discrimination are only allowed if they're needed for the way the organisation works, eg:

  • a Roman Catholic school restricting applications for admission of pupils to Catholics only
  • employing only women in a health centre for Muslim women
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If you're disabled you have the same rights as other workers.
Employers should also make 'reasonable adjustments' to help disabled employees and job-applicants with:

  • application forms (eg providing forms in Braille, audio formats
  • aptitude tests (eg giving extra time to complete the tests)
  • dismissal or redundancy
  • discipline and grievances
  • interview arrangements (eg wheelchair access, communicator support)
  • making sure the workplace has the right facilities and equipment for disabled
  • workers or someone offered a job
  • promotion, transfer and training opportunities
  • terms of employment, including pay
  • work-related benefits like access to recreation or refreshment facilities

If you are discriminated against

If you think you've been unfairly discriminated against you can:

  • talk to your Employer first to try and sort out the problem informally.
  • contact the Equality Advisory Support Service for help and advice.
  • complain directly to the person or organisation
  • use someone else to help you sort it out (called 'mediation' or 'alternative dispute resolution'). If things can't be sorted out informally, talk to ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) or a trade union representative.
  • make a claim in a court or tribunal.

Employers have to follow the law on preventing discrimination at work. Look please our page 'Employer: Preventing Discrimination'.

Discrimination cases, Gender (inc. reassignment), Race


Other types of unfair treatment

You're also protected from being treated unfairly because of:

  • trade union membership or non-membership
  • being a fixed-term or part-time worker

You can find more information in the Equality Act 2010 and Explanatory notes on the legislation.gov.uk website

You can get an information and advice about discrimination and human rights issues from Equality Advisory Support Service by the phone 0808 800 0082 or by the FREEPOST: Equality Advisory Support Service, FPN4431 

If you need help in regarding discrimination of your rights we can assist you.

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Employer: Preventing Discrimination